Nanaz Pirnia

Dr. Nanaz Pirnia, Psycho-NeuroTherapist, Ph.D., NITH, MFT, BCIA/EEG, NFI/HEG, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dr. Nanaz Pirnia has been in private practice in Beverly Hills as a licensed Pschotherapist, NeuroIntegrator therapist, Hypnotherapist and Marriage and Family therapist for 32 years. She is a coveted lecturer and celebrated TV and radio personality, known for using the latest technologies to achieve unparalled success with her patients. A community activist and consultant to the Beverly Hills schools, she has worked to unite people of varying cultures, and was given the Citizen of the Year award by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

She has been on the board of Maple Counseling, Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Exceptional Children’s Foundation, and is an active Rotarian. As a pioneer in the use of EEG and HEG neurofeedback, light and motion therapy, nutrition and Alpha system to support effective brain function, she has had break-through results in impacting patients conditions without the use of medication. Dr. Pirnia is the producer of her own TV show, theatrical educational seminars/plays regarding effective parenting, marital conflicts and Circle of Happiness.

nanaz2Dr. Pirnia has developed a unique device called Motion Bed using the appropriate and preferred movement of fetus in the womb plus special light and music designed for left-right hemispheres of the brain to release depression, anxiety, fatigue, dyslexia, weight gain, social withdrawal and increase mental clarity. As a hypnotherapist combining the motion bed, light and motion with hypnotherapy, we have been extremely successful in helping people overcome their problems.

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