Written Testimonials

Dear Dr. Nanaz Pirnia,
On this Mother’s Day I am grateful for not only my lovely mother, but for you too. Thank you for instilling the confidence, courage, and strength I have today to communicate and create a healthy change in my home. I have a much healthier relationship with my mother today. Your service is outstanding. Have a wonderful day!
With love,
Orly L

Dear Dr. Pirnia. I have good news!
Shane has been doing fabulous!! Never before has he gotten the school scores that he is now getting! Instead of failing each quiz/test, he is getting Bs!! Incredible! We are VERY diligent with his products and neuro-integrator – and it seems to be working! Next semester we are going to have him try to take 2 classes (versus 1 this semester) – I can’t tell you how relieved I am that he is making progress and doing so well!!!
Barb. S.

When I came to the Mind Therapy Center, I was depressed and felt like crying all the time. I was hopeless and helpless and could not learn as I also had reading disorder. Within a month of psychotherapy and brain therapy, I gained control over my feelings, have much better memory, and I am back at school with great energy as I am now able to read and comprehend.
Shida M.

As a cancer patient and having had many traumas growing up that affected my sleep, mood, energy and stamina my neurologist recommended the Mind Therapy Center for neurofeedback. With just weeks of treatment, I felt energetic, with no depression or mood swings. My mind is clear and focused and I feel happier about life.
Jill C.

I had severe reading, writing, and math challenges from physical and mental traumas and was misdiagnosed to be mentally retarded. With brain map, brain nutrition, neuro-feedback and therapy at Mind Therapy Center I began to comprehend and understand math, the concept of money, while paying attention and gaining confidence. My brain is clear, focused, and I can now play games on my computer while being stress free and no anxiety. I am also enrolled in a school to become a massage therapist and passed my first series of tests.
Jonathan N.

My daughter, Chanel, has autism and by age 7 we started to notice her struggle with learning, reading and writing as well as her speech and behavior. She had difficulty connecting with others, making friends or understanding the events in her life. After 5 months talk therapy and neurotherapy at mind therapy center, she is much more aware and present. Her Speech is improving daily and she is interested in learning to read and write. She is not confused anymore and likes to make friends. I am very grateful for everything you did.
Farah D.

Hi Dr. Pirnia,
I wanted to share an email from Aidans teacher which I just received. It’s all wonderful news!
Aidan had a fabulous week! He was more focused this week and demonstrated great behavior today. He’s having a much easier time focusing and staying on task in class.
Go Aidan!

I have an elderly mother who is suffering from depression, anxiety and early signs of dementia. She had been going through various types of anti-depressants and was constantly getting worse in recent months, almost all the time in bed ridden condition and complaining. Alternative supplements offered by Dr Pirnia have helped her tremendously with improved sleeping conditions, a more alert condition when she is awake, and a restart of normal activities. I would highly recommend depression and dementia sufferers to carefully consider alternative solutions and seek assistance from Dr Pirnia.
Nasser A.