Bio Feedback

Neurofeedback is a modality of biofeedback that can facilitate changes in brain wave patterns. NeuroIntegration therapy is a comprehensive training system that promotes growth and change at the cellular level of the brain. Neurofeedback is the answer of technology to complement psychotherapy in treatment of emotional, behavioral, educational and physical issues. It can be used in conjunction to drug therapy and/or gradually to replace taking hard core medications.

The center has been very successful using EEG & HEG neurofeedback in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), personality and mood disorders, addictions, ADD(attention deficit disorder), ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), PDD( pervasive developmental disorders), reactive attachment disorders, asperger, autism, LD(learning disabilities), OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorders), tics, excessive motoric movements, insomnia, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s( the brain mapping can detect any memory issues and early intervention), and more.

Neurofeedback is truly an amazing exercise for the brain so true learning takes place without any harmful side effects. This brain exercise program strengthens neural pathways while increasing mental endurance and flexibility.

Neurofeedback and brain mapping are taking the shame out of mental illnesses and issues.

As a psycho-neurotherapist, I am overly thrilled to report with scientific data and confidence that the brain responds to all these therapeutic outlets to get healed and the word “Disorder” needs to be redefined.