Brain Mapping


Brain mapping measures 19 crucial areas of the brain with special sensors that are non-invasive and safe. In this way we are able to pinpoint normal or abnormal brain connectivity. Each measured point represents mental function that covers emotional, behavioral, physiological and psychological conditions.

By having Mind Therapy Center’s neurologist provide an individualized design for the patient based on the brain map results, normalized connectivity can be achieved through NeuroIntegration therapy, and other Mind Therapy Center technologies that can bring about long lasting changes to thoughts, emotion and behavior for the patient.

The Mind Therapy Center (MTC) provides Psycho-Neuro-therapy, full psycho-educational evaluations, and high-tech and innovative Neurotherapeutical assessments. The center is using the most innovative and scientific approach to heal the mind and body.

NeuroIntegration therapy includes:

The brain neurotherapy is replacing or complementing drug therapy to assist therapists to regulate and connect the brain cells and enhance the mind’s capacity.

The MTC is proud to offer the state-of-the arts and unique QEEG Brain Mapping to individuals 4 years of age and older. The process is simple, pleasant, and non-invasive using a cap to measure the electrical activities of brain in 19 crucial areas with special sensors. The raw data is then interpreted by our expert neurologists using normative database software to a functional chart.

This is a breakthrough technology that can assist us to measure the amount of brain cell activities for correct diagnosis. The QEEG Neuro-Map report consists of: Anxiety level(over arousal), Depression level( under arousal), Learning difficulties(visual and verbal processing, math and reading), Emotional Analysis, and Executive Processing( executive function deficits).

With the new knowledge of the brain we know that we are as good as our brain cells and we can optimize the brain cells to prevent illness.