Dr. Nanaz Pirnia

Nanaz M. Pirnia, Ph.D., M.F.T., N.I.T.H.

Nanaz Pirnia
License # MW23132

800 S. Robertson Blvd #5
Beverly Hills CA 90035

*Individual Psychotherapy with children, teens and adults
*Family and Marriage Therapy
*Psycho educational Evaluation
*Brain Mapping
*EEG & HEG Neurofeedback
*EEG Light guided Neuro-Integration Glasses
*Color-Light Therapy
*Alpha Stim Brain Stress Control System
*Neurotransmitter-imbalance check to optimize brain function with nutrition

Dr. Nanaz Pirnia is a psychotherapist, nuerotherapist and educational psychologist in private practice for over 32 years. She has been a consultant to many schools including the Beverly Hills Schools. Nanaz is specifically involved and experienced in working with children and adults who have behavioral, emotional, social, psychological or educational problems. Full evaluation and assessment of children and adolescence, marriage and family counseling, and individual neurointegration therapy are the range of her expertise. Nanaz Pirnia is the founder and director of the Mind Therapy Center. She runs seminars for expectant parents, parents of newborns and young children, parents of teenagers, couples, and professional therapists. She is the originator of the “Circle of Happiness” system for teenagers and adults who seek balance in life. She is a frequent lecturer and radio/TV guest speaker. She is the creator of an innovative neurointegration therapy to optimize the brain for better health as well as improving and eliminating symptoms and disorders that interfere with the body and mind.

Professional Associations:

American Psychological Association
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist
World Federation of Mental Health
Association of Severely Handicapped
National Association of School Psychologists
American Institute of Hypnotherapy
Maple Counseling Center-Executive Board Member/Vice President of Program & Services
Chamber of Commerce, Beverly Hills-Vice President of Community Affairs/Exec. Board Member
School Site Council-El Rodeo School
Iranian American Parents Association – Founder and President (iapabh.org)
Rotary Club – Beverly Hills
World Affair Council
Women’s Professional Network

Educational Background

Masters of Education/Ph.D. Education – USC
Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor License/Board of Behavioral Science Examiners
NueroIntegration Therapy (N.I.T.H.) – Westbrook University/the Institute of Neurobiology
Clinical Hypnotherapist- American Institute of Hypnotherapy
EEG Biofeedback- BCIA Certified- New Mind Neurofeedback Institute
HEG Biofeedback- the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles


Honor Student Award – NUI
Best Artist Award – IAE
Minority Business Advocates of the Year Award, Chamber of Commerce, Beverly Hills, CA
Citizen of the Year Award, Chamber of Commerce, Beverly Hills, C A, 1999
Business Excellence Award- Innovative practices, Chamber of Commerce, Beverly Hills, CA 2011
Fearless Women Activist, ACT Today, 2011