There are certain nutrients that play an essential role in maintaining healthy brain function. The Mind Therapy Center has the purest and most bio-available products that work in synergy to help keep the brain young and healthy. These nutrients should be taken by all adults and even those children who are having difficulty related to brain function. Separate from taking such nutrients many people eat snacks as a meal replacement or as source for glucose and “feel-good” serotonin.

Unfortunately, most of the snacks available to the public have unhealthy ingredients that include artificial sugars, flavors and an absence of key nutrients to support better brain function. The Mind Therapy Center offers delicious and well-balanced food snacks with special nutrients that can play the role of a snack, but also support better brain function to replace toxic alternatives.

Finally, replacing sodas and sugar laden drinks is one of the most important steps recommended at The Mind Therapy Center to its patients in their quest for healthy brain function. To help with this objective alternative drinks are recommended that taste great but have no processed sugars, caffeine or preservatives. In addition, these drinks have specialized brain nutrients to help increase mental focus, function and clarity. Soda drinks and processed sugar based fruit drinks are poison to the brain and overall health of the body, and healthy replacements should be utilized.

Essential Brain Nutrition

Ultimate Slim (homeopathic Leptin) is a unique natural formula to help prevent food cravings and control appetite to lose and maintain desired weight. Leptin affects the appetite reward pathway to reduce sugar cravings and balance the brain activity so we can maintain weight without the need for yoyo dieting or suffering extreme methods of weight loss.