Why People Fail At Weight Loss – Original

Usually there are 2 reasons why people fail at weight loss.

  1. They are looking to find a “quick fix” to lose a few pounds and find a product whose net effect is weight loss by starving the body, or
  2. They choose a program such as meal replacements that does not address all the reasons why people do not success with weight loss over time.

The Problem with a “Quick Fix”

For those who want a “quick fix” to lose 5 to 20 pounds special caution needs to be heeded as these approaches usually involve taking a product that typically suppresses appetite so that calorie intake is significantly reduced, starving the body to lose weight. The problem with this approach is that the weight people lose is not just excess fat, but also crucial muscle mass which is the body’s “calorie burning engine”. This kind of weight loss will require people to eat less than what they were eating before they started their weight loss program as their capacity to burn calories is reduced because of their muscle loss. However, most people will return to their old eating habits and begin gaining weight without realizing it. This cycle can be repeated every few years, so that by the time middle age arrives the body’s ability to burn calories is significantly inhibited.

The Problem with Meal Replacements, Shakes, Pills and Bars

Starving the body is not only unhealthy and potentially dangerous but it is not sustainable for long periods of time for most people. The other option available to most consumers is meal replacements, shakes, bars, pills and count systems. However, the problem with these approaches is not only the potential for muscle loss, but none of the other reasons of why people put the weight back again are addressed.

They include:

  1. The weight (fat) loss must come from eating normal wholesome foods so that in the process people learn the “the good, bad and ugly” about food so that they do not go back to silly food habits once off their diet, and put the lost weight back again.
  2. Food allergens and sensitivities that can bring back the lost weight in the form of water retention need to be pinpointed, and eliminated or reduced from a person’s diet.
  3. People’s “health problems” that can stop long term weight loss success need to be addressed. This usually means a nutritional deficiency has to be corrected with any one of a number of health conditions. In fact anyone of these health conditions can become chronic and diseased over time if not corrected nutritionally.
  4. People need to feel good (both physically and emotionally) while they are losing weight; otherwise they will not stick to the program, and will give up in mid-stream feeling unhappy with their experience and negative about weight loss.

If people want a “quick fix” they must choose a product that will not starve the body inducing muscle loss, but do the opposite and help build muscle mass to increase metabolic activity and the body’s ability to burn calories without the use of stimulants that can be dangerous and unhealthy. This is why Calorad Advanced has been chosen to play this “quick fix” role for those looking for a product solution.

If serious weight needs to be lost, it is crucial that it be fat loss and in the process people learn how to keep it off over time and that is why the Ultra Lite system is recommended. It is the only weight loss system that addresses all the reasons why people do not succeed with weight loss that include all of the above listed factors. Furthermore, people do not have any hunger, cravings, low energy and bad mood while losing weight. By feeling better than normal while on Ultra Lite people can stay on as long as they need to get to their goal weight and feel confident that the weight they lose is fat loss and not muscle.

If only 10 to 15 pounds needs to be lost then the U-Lite program becomes an option as like Ultra Lite the weight loss will be fat loss, and correct eating habits will be learned so that bad habits are not resumed once off the program. It is an easier program than Ultra Lite for people to implement and why it can be started without having to visit a local clinic or go back every week. However, by making one visit to the clinic or having a phone consult after 3 or 4 weeks on U-Lite, a number of key wellness markers can be evaluated to provide wonderful insight into the body’s nutritional deficiencies, and the potential existence of any food allergies.